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Product Recall: Nov. 3, 2023

OMMA issued a recall notice on Nov. 3, 2023.

Recall Product and Business List

Recalled products are listed in the table below, which you can also download as a spreadsheet or a searchable PDF.

Listed products were not properly tested by the processor in violation of OAC 442:10-8.


A recall takes place when the OMMA has ordered for the disposal of medical marijuana or medical marijuana products that have been sold to patients or caregivers AND meet at least one of the criteria below:

  1. exceed allowable testing thresholds set forth under our rules;
  2. are the subjects of an embargo or a derivative thereof;
  3. fail to meet standards set forth in our rules

The commercial licensee whose harvest or production batch is being recalled shall bear the costs for disposal of all medical marijuana waste.

After issuing the recall, dispensaries that have sold the product and the commercial licensee who grew or produced the product must assist in the recall in any way they can.

If you or your caregiver purchased a product from the above list, do not consume the product. Contact the dispensary for more information.

The reason a product is recalled is listed in the table above. In general, it is not advisable that a patient use or consume a product listed in the table above.

If you or a caregiver has purchased a product that is now recalled, please contact the dispensary from which you bought the product for further instructions.

If a business is selling a product that has been recalled, please notify the OMMA immediately through our complaint form.

Last Modified on Nov 03, 2023
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