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Embargoed and Recalled Products

OMMA can order embargoes. OMMA-licensed businesses can issue voluntary recalls, and OMMA can also ask businesses to issue them. In the event of an embargo, a hold is placed in the State's inventory tracking system, Metrc, and products included will be shown in red. Metrc automatically prevents the business from selling or transferring those products. State laws and OMMA rules require the businesses to provide notice to patients who bought recalled products.

Current Embargoes and Recalls

Previous Embargoes and Recalls

OMMA issued a recall notice on Nov. 3, 2023. The listed products were not properly tested by the processor in violation of OAC 442:10-8.

OMMA issued a recall notice on June 30, 2023, involving all infused prerolls, "Space Rocks - (g)" and "Space Rocks - Sativa" produced by Graves Farm Organics, LLC (PAAA-EYKG-PCTX), from Jan. 1, 2023 to June 20, 2023. The recalled products were not properly tested.

A licensee transferred medical marijuana products to other licensees after the products failed safety testing but before notifying OMMA of the failed tests, according to the Emergency Order of Embargo and Recall

Respondents to the Sept. 16, 2022, Emergency Order of Embargo and Recall shall use this form to request removal and disposal of subject medical marijuana products.

During routine lab inspections, OMMA discovered results that were not accurately reported by the testing lab. OMMA issued a recall notice on May 19, 2022.


An embargo is a hold on specific product(s) that were found to:

  1. exceed the allowable testing thresholds set forth under our rules;
  2. contain analytes that could be poisonous, harmful to health or otherwise unsuitable or unsafe for human consumption;
  3. be in violation of applicable laws, rules or regulations.

Licensed businesses cannot engage in commercial activity (sale, donation, transfer, etc.) with embargoed products without the OMMA's permission. If your business is in possession of an embargoed product, you cannot send it to a waste facility (or other commercial license). You must await further instructions from the OMMA.

A recall takes place when the OMMA has ordered for the disposal of medical marijuana or medical marijuana products that have been sold to patients or caregivers AND meet at least one of the criteria below:

  1. exceed allowable testing thresholds set forth under our rules;
  2. are the subjects of an embargo or a derivative thereof;
  3. fail to meet standards set forth in our rules

The commercial licensee whose harvest or production batch is being recalled shall bear the costs for disposal of all medical marijuana waste.

After issuing the recall, dispensaries that have sold the product and the commercial licensee who grew or produced the product must assist in the recall in any way they can.

If you or your caregiver purchased a product from the above list, do not consume the product. Contact the dispensary for more information.

An embargoed product is in a holding pattern until the courts can determine whether OMMA has the authority to seize and destroy the product in question.

A recall occurs once we have confirmation that a product has been sold to patients and meets one of the below criteria:

1) exceeds allowable testing thresholds set forth under our rules;
2) is the subject of an embargo or a derivative thereof;
3) fails to meet the standards set forth in our rules.

Put another way, if a product has been embargoed, a business (including a dispensary) cannot engage in any commercial activity with that product. They can't sell it, distribute it, transport it, dispose of it, etc. They must also tag the product so it's obvious the product is under an embargo.

If a product has been recalled, the product needs to be destroyed and the businesses who have sold the product (either to patients or other businesses) are responsible for assisting with the recall in any way they can. Patients or caregivers who have purchased a recalled product need to contact the dispensary from which they bought the item to determine how they should move forward in assisting with the recall.

The reason the product is embargoed or recalled is listed in the table above. In general, it is not advisable that a patient use or consume a product listed in the table above.

If you or a caregiver has purchased a product that is now embargoed, please hold onto it. If a product is embargoed, there are concerns related to the production or distribution of the product, but further investigation may show the product does not need to be recalled.

If you or a caregiver has purchased a product that is now recalled, please contact the dispensary from which you bought the product for further instructions.

If a business is selling a product that has been embargoed or recalled, please notify the OMMA immediately through our complaint form.

You may find rule citations on this page helpful. For a more comprehensive understanding, review all OMMA Rules at If you have questions about the rules, OMMA encourages you to seek legal counsel.

Last Modified on Feb 07, 2024
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