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UPDATE: OMMA has been informed the issue regarding some commercial licenses not appearing in OMMA Verify has been resolved for most licensees. The licensing vendor continues to work on fully resolving the issue. Check here for updates.


OMMA’s current rules took effect Jan. 23, 2024.

The emergency rules implement legislative changes mandated by Senate Bill 1704 (2022) and address changes in statute under 63 O.S. § 427.14b. The emergency rules are intended to provide a structure for the implementation of the employee credential. The changes in the Jan. 23, 2024, rules are summarized below:

  • OAC 442:1-1-13 governs proceedings before the agency, including provisions regarding appeal of adverse credential determinations. The rules are intended to set out the process afforded to both the agency as well as credential applicants.

  • Amendments to OAC 442:10-5-1.1(13) require employees of a medical marijuana business licensee to apply for and receive a credential authorizing the employee to work in a licensed medical marijuana business. The amendments clarify that a medical marijuana business license holder shall require all individuals employed under their license to be issued a credential and defines “employee.”

Current Rules and More Resources

Last Modified on Jan 23, 2024
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