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Bond Requirement

Senate Bill 913 took effect April 20, 2023, and requires commercial medical marijuana grower license applicants and licensees to submit proof of one of the following to OMMA:

• A surety bond for at least $50,000 per license; or 

• Proof that the licensee has owned the licensed premises for at least five years.  

OMMA is working on a surety bond form and will post it in multiple places on our website, including We will also distribute the form in our monthly commercial licensee newsletter.

Who does this affect? 

This requirement is in effect for existing licensed growers and grower license applications as of April 20, 2023. Grower licensees submitting renewal applications and applicants for new grow licenses must submit this documentation as part of their application. OMMA will verify the bond or proof of land ownership during the review process of a new or renewal license application.

What do I do to prove land ownership?

If the licensee has owned the licensed premises for five years before the application of a medical marijuana grow license, the licensee can submit a document that sufficiently shows proof of land ownership. Documents include, but are not limited to, a recorded property deed, a court order, conveyance, or other document(s) proving land ownership.

How is this information submitted?

Thentia, OMMA’s licensing vendor, is working to add a dedicated field to upload this documentation in the license application. Until this update has been made, growers may upload proof of either the bond or of qualifying land ownership status in Thentia under the ownership disclosure section of the application.

What if I’ve already submitted my application?

Pursuant to 63 O.S. § 427.14, OMMA rejects any application not meeting the requirements of the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana and Patient Protection Act ("OMMPPA"). The provisions of SB 913 (2023) requiring growers to provide a surety bond or proof of land ownership are a part of the OMMPPA. Accordingly, OMMA will reject applications submitted to the Authority by licensees and new business applicants that do not have records on file with OMMA as required by SB 913 (2023).

Last Modified on May 18, 2023
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