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Call Center: Call OMMA at 405-522-6662, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays (closed on state holidays).

Lost/stolen patient license: Log in to your account on the Thentia licensing portal to request a replacement patient license card.

Metrc SupportContact Metrc first for all issues related to Metrc. Metrc will contact OMMA on your behalf if they need help resolving an issue for your account. Call the Metrc Call Center at 877-566-6506, or send an email to

FAQs: OMMA might already have an answer to your question that you can find without waiting for a reply -- try our FAQ page.

Business complaints: Use our Business Complaint Form to make a complaint about an OMMA-licensed business.

Law enforcement: Law enforcement officials who need to contact OMMA can visit This is only for official use by law enforcement officers and staff.

Media inquiries: Find more information on our news page.

Request a speaker: If you would like someone from the OMMA to speak at an event, fill out the OMMA Speaker Request Form. We prefer at least three weeks' notice ahead of speaking engagements. Please allow three business days for a response. Note: This form is only to request a speaker, and OMMA does not address other issues submitted using it.

Foreign Financial Interest Attestation: Get more information on our Commercial Licenses page.

You can also find information on our website about:

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Last Modified on Mar 16, 2023
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