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Commercial Licenses

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  • Licensing Portal Errors: If a technical problem with the licensing portal is preventing you from submitting a license application, fill out this form.
  • Employee Credentialing: Visit our Employee Credentialing page for more information.
  • National fingerprint background checks: A new attestation form along with the state background check will temporarily meet the national background check requirement included in HB 2095 (2023). All persons of interest and Transporter Agents must upload:
  • OBNDD registration deadline: All Oklahoma medical marijuana businesses must possess a valid OMMA commercial license and an active OBNDD registration to possess or handle medical marijuana or medical marijuana product. The deadline for OBNDD's annual registration is Oct. 31. Commercial licensees who fail to meet this requirement by Nov. 1 will be required to cease business operations and lose access to the Metrc statewide seed-to-sale tracking system. Contact OBNDD if you have questions.
  • SB 913 (2023): SB 913 (2023) took effect April 20, 2023. It requires commercial medical marijuana grower license applicants and licensees to submit a surety bond, or proof that the licensee has owned the licensed premises for at least 5 years. Grower licensees submitting renewal applications and applicants for new grow licenses must submit this documentation as part of their application. OMMA will verify the bond or proof of land ownership during the review process of a new or renewal license application. Find a surety bond form and proof of land ownership form on our Bond Requirement page.
  • Renewal Applications: Businesses should submit their renewal application between 1 and 60 days before the license expires. As long as the renewal application is submitted on time, the existing license will remain valid while the renewal application is being processed. If a business submits a renewal application on or after the date of expiration, they will be assessed a $500 fee. Licenses are permanently expired if the licensee doesn’t submit a renewal application within 90 days of the license expiration date.
  • Moratorium: A moratorium began Aug. 26, 2022, for new dispensary, grower and processor licenses. HB 3208 (2022), passed by the Oklahoma Legislature and signed by the Governor, put the moratorium in place. HB 2095 (2023), also passed by the Legislature and signed by the Governor, extended the moratorium end date to Aug. 1, 2026, unless OMMA's Executive Director determines all pending licensing reviews, inspections or investigations are complete. The moratorium does not affect current licensees, who can apply for renewal.

Commercial License Types

Visit our webpages for each type of commercial medical marijuana license for details on application requirements: 

Tiered Licensing and Application Fees

Detailed application fee information for each license type is listed on that license type's webpage. 

Visit our Tiered Licensing page for full details on commercial license application fees for grower, processor and dispensary licenses. 

Employee Credentialing

Visit our Employee Credentialing page for more information and to apply.

Forms and Resources

How-To Videos (Applications)

One License: Renew a Grower License (Indoor or Outdoor)

Renew a Dispensary License

Renew a Testing Laboratory License

Business Renewals

Two Licenses: Apply for Your Second Grower License (Indoor or Outdoor)

Renew a Processor License

New Businesses

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Change of Ownership

Do you need to change ownership of a commercial license? Go to our Change of Ownership page for details.

Foreign Financial Interest Attestation

State law requires growers, processors, dispensaries, labs and transporters to submit a Foreign Financial Interest Attestation form with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control (OBNDD) within 60 days of approval of an OMMA business license application. Pursuant to 63 O.S. § 427.15(B), failure to complete the attestation within 60 days will result in the revocation of your OMMA license.

Visit the OBNDD website to fill out the form. A separate attestation is required for each business license. For example, if your business owns a grower license and a processing license, you must complete an attestation for the grower license and a separate attestation for the processing license, each one within 60 days of OMMA approving the license application.

Last Modified on Jun 07, 2024
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