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Health Equity

The OSDH Office of Minority Health & Health Equity (OMHHE) supports community capacity building through collaborative decision-making and action, strategic planning and assessment of community health assets and needs to effectively address health equity.

Oklahoma Health Equity State Plan

More Information Coming Soon!

Health inequities are defined as differences in health that are unnecessary, avoidable, unfair, unjust and contribute to this problem. The root causes of these health inequities include poverty, racism, class and gender discrimination, and other factors. These root causes create differences in access to things like good jobs, quality housing, good schools, health care, and safe neighborhoods, which in turn affect the health of residents.

Through a participatory process, OSDH and partners will begin the development of a long-term strategic plan in late Spring 2023 to help address health inequities and improve the health of all Oklahomans. If you are interested in volunteering your time and expertise to the development of the plan, please contact Floritta Pope at

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