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Poll Worker Opportunities

Polling places across our state are staffed by volunteers—voters just like you— who are dedicated to democracy and our representative form of government. They care about their community, the right to vote and the integrity of the election process.

Want to learn more about elections and make a difference? Volunteer to become a poll worker!
Poll workers will:
  • Promote Election Integrity—Poll workers verify voter IDs and ensure that every voter has the opportunity to cast their ballot in a safe environment.
  • Support Community — Poll workers volunteer in the county where they are registered to vote.
  • Learn New Skills – Training is mandatory and provided for all volunteers.
  • Watch Democracy in Progress—Volunteers must be able to work long days (before the polls open to after the polls close), but this unique experience is invaluable.
  • Earn Extra Money—Currently, pay is as follows: Inspectors ($110.00 per day); Judges and Clerks ($100.00 per day). Additional election workers may be hired at the discretion of the County Election Board Secretary.

NOTE: Effective July 1, 2024
Inspector pay increases to $225.00. Judge and clerk pay increases to $200.00.

  • Receive Travel Reimbursement—Mileage reimbursement is available under certain conditions.

To be eligible to serve as a precinct official, one must be a registered voter of the county in which he or she will serve and demonstrate competence to perform his or her duties. (See 26 O.S. § 2-131)

Under current state law, the appointment of precinct officials is the responsibility of the county election board secretary. (See 26 O.S. § 2-124)

Get Involved!

Contact your County Election Board for more information and apply today!

Last Modified on Feb 16, 2024
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