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Voters Asked to Confirm Registration Address

Friday, July 14, 2023

CONTACT:  Misha Mohr, State Election Board PIO | 405.522.6624 |

(Oklahoma City) – Voters who have received an Address Confirmation Notice in the mail from the State Election Board are asked to respond as soon as possible to avoid having their registration become “inactive.” Notices were sent to some voters as part of the voter list maintenance process required by both state and federal law.

According to State Election Board Secretary Paul Ziriax (pronounced ZEER-icks), Address Confirmation Notices are just one part of the voter list maintenance process. “The State Election Board relies on multiple sources to keep its voter rolls accurate, but the address confirmation process allows us to contact and receive updated information directly from the voter. Confirming your address helps ensure you are ready to vote when the next election comes around,” Ziriax said.

There are two ways to respond – online using the OK Voter Portal or by completing the Address Confirmation Notice return card and returning it by mail. Voters who don’t respond within 60 days will be designated as “inactive,” and are required by law to be removed from the voter rolls after the 2026 General Election. However, “inactive” voters can reverse their status and avoid removal by updating their voter registration or by voting in an election on or before the 2026 General Election.

State law requires Address Confirmation Notices be sent to some voters, such as those that have had a first-class mailing returned as “undeliverable,” those with a possible duplicate registration in Oklahoma or another state, or those that have not updated their registration or voted since the second previous general election.

Voters who did not receive a notice, but need to update their registration can do so using the OK Voter Portal or by completing a new Voter Registration Application and submitting it to their County Election Board. A directory of county election boards is available on the State Election Board website.

To learn more about the voter list maintenance process in Oklahoma, see 26 O.S. § 4-120.2 or visit the State Election Board website. Voters with specific questions regarding their registration should contact their County Election Board.


URL Guide:
Address Confirmation Notice-
OK Voter Portal –
State Law –  26 O.S. § 4-120.2
State Election Board Website –
County Election Boards –





Last Modified on Jul 14, 2023
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