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State Election Board Elects New Officers

Thursday, April 13, 2023

CONTACT:  Misha Mohr, State Election Board PIO | 405.522.6624 |

(Oklahoma City) – State Election Board members met Monday, April 3 to elect a new Chairman and Vice-Chairman. Heather Mahieu Cline (Oklahoma City) was elected the Chairman of the Board and Dr. Tim Mauldin (Norman) was elected Vice-Chairman. The Board also welcomed new member Mignon Lambley (Hooker).

The Board consists of three members and two alternate members selected from lists submitted by the two largest political parties in the state and appointed by the Governor, upon advice and consent of the Senate. The alternate Board members are Jerry Buchanan (Tulsa) and Debi Thompson (Carney).

Members of the State Election Board serve a four-year term and are responsible for actions such as certifying state and federal election results, appointing the members of each county election board, and deciding contests of candidacy.

The State Election Board was established under the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma in 1907. More information about the Board and its members can be found on the State Election Board website.


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