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Republicans, Independents Show Gains in Official Pre-Election Voter Registration Statistics, Democra

Monday, November 03, 2014


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:        Nov. 1, 2014

CONTACT:    State Election Board PIO Bryan Dean, (405) 522-6624

Republicans, Independents Show Gains in Official Pre-Election Voter Registration Statistics, Democrats Remain Largest Party

(Oklahoma City) – Oklahoma’s official pre-election voter registration statistics released on Nov. 1 show 2,022,456 Oklahomans are registered to vote in advance of Tuesday’s General Election, State Election Board Secretary Paul Ziriax reported on Saturday.

The latest statistics show that Democrats narrowly retained their status as Oklahoma’s largest political party in Oklahoma but also show that Republicans have nearly closed the gap and now trail Democrats by only 2,897 voters – the closest the two parties have ever been heading into a General Election. Registered Independents continue to grow, and now make up 12.7 percent of Oklahoma’s registered voters.

Oklahoma’s registered voters:

                                    JAN. 15, 2014                         NOV. 1, 2014

DEMOCRATS                      885,609….44.8%                     884,150….43.7%

REPUBLICANS                    854,329….43.2%                    881,253….43.6%

AMERICANS ELECT                      4…..N/A                                 8…..N/A

INDEPENDENTS                238,870….12.1%                    257,045….12.7%

TOTAL                                  1,978,812                                 2,022,456       


The State Election Board began recording statewide voter registration statistics by party in 1960.

YEAR                      DEM                      REP                        IND                        OTHER

1960                       82.0%                    17.6%                    0.4%                      N/A

1980                       75.8%                    22.8%                    1.4%                      N/A

2000                       56.7%                    35.0%                    8.3%                        *

NOV. 1                  43.7%                    43.6%                    12.7%                      *

*Registration for minor recognized parties or political organization was less than 0.0001%.

To view historical voter registration statistics or to obtain a voter registration application, visit


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