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2022 Contests of Candidacy

Cause Name Office Hearing
2022-01 Price v. Edwards District Attorney, District 15       4/25/2022
  Edwards retained on ballot     
2022-02 Gilbert v. Stevens State Representative, District 79         4/25/2022
  Stevens retained on ballot    
2022-03 Osborn v. Roberts State Labor Commissioner    4/25/2022
  Roberts ordered to amend ballot name to conform to state law and administrative code    
2022-04 Brown v. Lafferty Associate District Judge, Blaine County           4/25/2022
  Lafferty retained on ballot    
2022-05 Munson v. Nash State Representative, District 85 4/25/2022
  Nash stricken from ballot    
2022-06 Allen v. Young District Judge, District 7, Office No. 2 4/25/2022
  Young stricken from ballot    
2022-07 Janloo v. Lowe State Representative, District 97 4/25/2022
   Lowe retained on ballot    
2022-08 Sykes v. Wheeler Associate District Judge, Stephens County 4/25/2022
  Wheeler retained on ballot and ordered to amend Confidential Declaration of Candidacy Request Form    
2022-09 Roe v. Huggans State Representative, District 42 4/25/2022
  Huggans retained on ballot    
2022-10 Hasenbeck v. Kerstetter State Representative, District 65 4/25/2022
   Kerstetter stricken from ballot    
2022-11 Phillips v. Mai District Judge, District 7, Office No. 5 4/25/2022
  Mai retained on ballot    
2022-12 Bollinger v. Horn United States Senator (full term) 4/25/2022
  Horn retained on ballot    
Last Modified on Mar 30, 2023
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