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Change of Ownership

Commercial licensees can transfer ownership of their license using the change of ownership process. 

New owners must meet all requirements for an OMMA commercial license. Get details on our Commercial Licenses page.

The current license owner must initiate the ownership change process in the Thentia licensing portal. After the transfer is complete, the new owner can contact OMMA to remove the former owner's administrative privileges in the licensing portal.

OMMA processes applications to transfer ownership, change a location or change a business name within 90 business days.

Two Ways to Transfer Ownership

1. During the license renewal process, the current owner can transfer the license to a new owner by submitting the required documentation for the new owner. The change of ownership -- and, if necessary, a business name change and/or a location change -- can be completed as part of the renewal process for the standard renewal application fee. 

2. The current owner can initiate an ownership transfer in the Thentia licensing portal using the process to change the Person of Interest. The current owner will submit required documentation for the new owner. The fee is $500. The current or new owner can also initiate a business name change in Thentia for an additional $500 fee, and/or a location change for a separate $500 fee.


Contact OMMA using the email address for your license type.

Last Modified on Jul 21, 2023
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