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Out-of-Service Public Bathing Places

Oklahoma State Statute Title 63 § 1-1021 recognizes public bathing places permanently out of service when it is removed from use with no intention of being reopened. In such an instance, the owner may either choose closure or securing.

  • Closure is recognized more as a permanent closure, where the hole is filled with earthen material or covered with a solid, rigid, weight-supporting material to make it level with the surrounding area.
  • Securing is recognized more as temporary, completed by constructing or utilizing an existing barrier adequate to prevent entry by unauthorized persons.

If securing, the public bathing place requires an annual securing fee of $50. Local inspectors are responsible for conducting an inspection to ensure the pool remains secure and does not pose an immediate health hazard. The owner of the property is responsible for this annual fee as well as for maintaining the barrier and ensuring it does not become a nuisance.

If at any time a public bathing place is put back into operation, the owner is responsible for contacting the local county health department and paying the licensing fee. The securing fee may be applied towards the licensure fee if it opens in the same annual timeframe.

If the public bathing place requires updates or modifications, the owner must provide a written scope of work to the health department to verify if the modifications are major. Plan Reviews provide more information on construction and modification notices.

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