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Health Department Organization

VISION  To create a county of health.

MISSION To protect and promote health, to prevent disease and injury, and to cultivate conditions by which Creek County Residents can be healthy.


       Leadership - To provide vision and purpose in public health through knowledge, inspiration and dedication and serve as the leading authority on prevention, preparedness and health policy.

       Integrity - To steadfastly fulfill our obligations, maintain public trust, and exemplify excellence and ethical conduct in our work, services, processes, and operations.

       Community - To respect the importance, diversity, and contribution of individuals and community partners. 

       Service - To demonstrate a commitment to public health through compassionate actions and stewardship of time, resources, and talents.

       Accountability - To competently improve the public's health on the basis of sound scientific evidence and responsible research.

We fulfill these commitments by monitoring the health of our communities, identifying and responding to health threats, providing timely and accurate information, enforcing laws that protect health, and providing quality services to prevent and control disease.

Administrative Director Thumbnail-QuitNowLogo-Button.gif

Kelli Rader

Business Administrator 

Tamara Hicks

Administrative Programs Officer


Administrative Assistant

Anna Duckett

Emergency Response & Safety Program Manager

Environmental Health Services Quadrant Sanitarian

Robert Talley

Nursing Services

District Nurse Manager

Nancy Horton 

Nursing Coordinator

Robyn Watson

Medical Director

Dr. Bernie F. Cheek, MD

Creek County Health Department Board of Health Members

Rob Armstrong

Sandra Dimmitt, MD

Greg Pugmire

Leon Warner

April White

All services are available to the public without regard to religion, race, color, national origin, creed, disability, gender or ability to pay.

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