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Community Partners

The Creek County Health Department works closely and assists in facilitating local Community Partner Coalitions. This partnership allows for open lines of communications and collaborative planning and problem solving.

Creek County Healthcare Coalition

The Creek County Healthcare Coalition is a network of healthcare organizations and providers that are committed to strengthening the healthcare system for emergencies. The purpose of the Coalition is to develop a coordinated and effective medical and public health system response to all hazards through:

• Effective communications systems and protocols.
• Strategic acquisition and management of resources.
• Collaborative response planning.

Creek County Community Partnership

The Creek County Community Partnership, of which the Creek County Health Department is a member, is conducting a comprehensive community health assessment.  It is doing this by using a strategic planning process called MAPP (Mobilizing to Action through Planning and Partnerships).  MAPP has four separate health assessment tools that collects data from different aspects of the public health community.  

The Creek County Community Partnership has completed a Community Themes and Strengths Assessment.  This assessment is meant to collect data from the community at large about its perceptions concerning a variety of public health issues in the community.  You can view the results of this survey by clicking on the link below:

The Creek County Community Partnership has also completed a Community Health Status Assessment.  This assessment is a collection of hard data taken from a variety of sources to show analysis of county public health indicators.  These data sources can be viewed by clicking on the links below:

       Kids Count Data Center

 Forces of Change

A Forces of Change Assessment was completed on October 10, 2013 at a meeting of the Creek County Child Abuse Prevention Task Force.  The Forces of Change Assessment is designed to identify external or internal forces that could impact the community and the public health system.  You can view the results of this survey by clicking on the link below:

The final assessment to be conducted is a Local Public Health System Assessment.  This assessment is designed to be used by the local public health system to assess its effectiveness in responding to the public health needs of the community.  Results of this assessment will be made available to the public on this website as well as by other means. 

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