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The 2008 edition of Election Results and Statistics, containing comprehensive county-level results of all races in the 2008 Primary, Runoff Primary and General elections as well as other statistical information, will be published in early 2009. The publication will be available in print from the State Election Board and online at this website.

In the interest of disseminating county-level results as quickly as possible, before their formal publication in Election Results and Statistics, the same election results are available here now, without benefit of formatting for appearance.

Users are reminded that these are not publication-quality documents. Use the "Zoom" tools in Adobe Acrobat Reader to enlarge or reduce the display. For the best appearance of these reports when printed, it may be necessary to use page scaling or print setup parameters such as "Fit to paper" or "Reduce to printer margins."

Primary Election -- July 29, 2008 (PDF)

Runoff Primary Election -- August 26, 2008 (PDF)

General Election -- November 4, 2008 (PDF)

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