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Suspension of License, Medical Marijuana Product Recall Linked to Alleged Testing Laboratory Rules Violations

Monday, May 23, 2022

The state Commissioner of Health issued an emergency order Friday temporarily suspending a medical marijuana testing laboratory’s license in connection with alleged Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) rules violations.

OMMA issued a recall Friday for 99 medical marijuana products related to the lab’s alleged rules violations.

“We are first and foremost concerned about the health, safety and welfare of patients who might consume harmful marijuana products. Let this serve as a warning to any licensee attempting to skirt state laws: We work diligently behind the scenes to find and take down the bad actors within this industry,” said OMMA Executive Director Adria Berry. “If you’re engaging in actions that threaten the health and safety of Oklahomans, you won’t get away with it. Our inspection teams are working across the state to keep Oklahomans safe by identifying problems and gathering the necessary evidence to help shut down bad actors that choose to break the law.”

The Emergency Order

Commissioner Keith Reed’s emergency order immediately suspended the medical marijuana business license for Scale Laboratories in Oklahoma City. Scale is the trade name for Shiv Krupa LLC, OMMA License No. LAAA-C8NH-JZ02.

OMMA inspections at Scale on April 12, April 13 and April 20, along with a review of Scale’s records, found testing violations that pose a threat to public health, safety and (or) welfare.

According to the order, Scale:

  • Reported passing test results to licensees on 138 samples that failed tests for yeast and mold. Scale also reported passing test results to licensees for nine samples that failed testing for aspergillus, five samples that failed testing for E. coli and one sample that failed testing for salmonella;
  • Did not use appropriate procedures or recordkeeping for testing for microbiological contamination, pesticides or heavy metals;
  • Did not use appropriate quality control methods;
  • Manipulated testing data; and
  • Routinely deviated from its standard operating procedures.

The Recall

During OMMA’s routine inspections and reviewing of records, it discovered results not accurately reported by the testing lab.

OMMA issued a recall Thursday alerting 33 businesses, informing them of the 99 products included.

The growers and processors that received the recall notice are required to inform dispensaries that bought the recalled products.

OMMA rules require dispensaries to contact patients who purchased the recalled products.

Patients with questions about the recall should contact their dispensary. OMMA advises any patient in possession of a recalled product to return it to the dispensary.

A list of the recalled products is available on the OMMA website. The list includes information found on medical marijuana packaging and labels – patients can check their product labels to see if what they bought is on the list.

Patients concerned they consumed a recalled product or any medical marijuana product that makes them feel ill should contact their physician for guidance.

The Metrc seed-to-sale statewide inventory tracking system will make it easier to contact businesses and patients in the event of future embargoes or recalls. All business licensees are required to be fully Metrc-compliant by May 26.


Last Modified on Jul 01, 2022
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