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ODL Board

Meeting Dates for 2024:

  • March 8 - CANCELED
  • April 12* - CANCELED 
  • June 14 - Sapulpa Public Library, 27 West Dewey Avenue, Sapulpa
  • September 13 - Norman Central Library, 103 West Acres Street, Norman
  • December 13 - ODL Building, 200 NE 18th Street, Oklahoma City

*Special Meeting

The Department is governed by a seven-member board of directors appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the State Senate.

There is one board member for each of Oklahoma's five U.S. House districts, and two members are appointed "at large." (Because of confirmation timing, members appointed by the Governor often attend meetings as guests prior to their Senate confirmation.)

The ODL director serves as secretary and as an ex officio member of the board.

Board Members

James Robison
Term expires 7/1/2026
PH 405-522-0352

Steven Gray
Vice Chair
Congressional District 4

Term expires 7/1/2026
PH 405-522-0355

Maren Lively
Congressional District 1
Term expires 7/1/2028
PH 405-522-9131

Ronda Smith
Congressional District 2
Term expires 7/1/2027
PH 405-522-9132

Teresa Sutter
Congressional District 3
Term expires 7/1/2029
PH 405-522-9133

Audrey Katigan
Congressional District 5
The Village
Term expires 7/1/2024
PH 405-522-9129

Kristen Ferate
Term Expires 7/1/2028
PH 405-522-9135

Natalie Currie
Director, Department of Libraries
(Secretary, Ex Officio)

Last Modified on Apr 09, 2024