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Emergency Preparedness and Response

Natural and man-made disasters can happen suddenly and at anytime. To ensure the safety of Oklahomans, our county health department works closely with state, local, tribal and community partners to plan and prepare for responses to environmental, health, and medical emergencies.

What is a public health emergency?

An event, either natural or manmade, that creates a health risk to the public.

Types of Public Health Emergencies

  • Extreme weather conditions and natural disasters
  • Deliberate releases of biological and chemical agents or radiological threats
  • Epidemics and pandemics of influenza and other communicable diseases

Are you looking for a new and exciting volunteer opportunity? 

Join Oklahoma Medical Reserve Corps (#‎OKMRC). OKMRC provides citizens training for swift response after a disaster strikes. 

Help make a difference in your community today.To learn more about becoming an MRC volunteer click the logo below:



Prepare Your Family

Be aware of and prepare for your family’s unique needs in an emergency.  Make a family plan in advance and build a readiness kit. (Click the images below for more information from Ready.Gov). 

Family Plan

Emergency Kit


Disaster & Flooding Resources

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