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Family Support & Prevention Service Staff Directory

Lorri Essary, M.Ed., ACPS, Director, Family Support & Prevention Service

Erica Kaul, MA, Business Manager III, Family Support & Prevention Service

Connie Fredrick, BSN, RN, Program Manager, Children First

Susan Wegrzynski, MSN, RN, Nurse Consultant, Children First

Tracie Rochester, MPH, CPH, RN, Nurse Manager, Children First

Juan (John) Delara, MPH, CPH, MIECHV Grants Manager

Dannielle Ayers, PhD, CHES, MIECHV Program Evaluator III

Christine Hoang, MPH, CPH, MIECHV Program Evaluator II

Amanda Jenkins, MBA, CPO, MIECHV Grant Coordinator

Kethzia Martinez, Program Consultant, Parents as Teachers

LaChez' English, MPH, MS, CBCAP Grant Coordinator

Lisa Williams, Training Coordinator

Mekay Bixby, MA, Grant Coordinator, Sexual Risk Avoidance Education

Jennifer Wiens, M.Ed., Parent Education Specialist, Sexual Risk Avoidance Education

Ronnisha Wiley, BS, Parent Engagement Specialist

Susan (Suzy) Gibson, MS, OCAP Manager, Parents as Teachers

Melanie Gartside, M.Ed., IMH-E, LPC, Oklahoma Family Support Network Coordinator

Alicia Gebhard, CFLE, PAT Program Consultant

Kelli McNeal, BA, Pregnancy Resource Navigator (PRN) Coordinator

Administrative Support Staff:

Brook Parks, Administrative Assistant

LaWanda Teal, BS, CPO, Administrative Assistant

Lisa Slater, Administrative Assistant

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