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Plan Review Permits

Building Permits

Building permits are required for construction or major alteration of any buildings or structures that are classified as occupancies in the building codes adopted by the Oklahoma Uniform Building Code Commission including all defined occupancies within these groups, or installation of original equipment for the operation or maintenance thereof.

Please review the Building Types flowchart document to ascertain if an Oklahoma licensed architect is required for your project. You can also call 405-949-2383.  

If the city, town, county or college having jurisdiction conducts the building plan reviews and/or inspections, it is not necessary to request building plan reviews and/or inspections by this Agency.

All projects must comply with the 2018 codes as adopted by the Oklahoma Uniform Building Code Commission (OUBCC).

All plan reviews that do not fall within the above list of statewide cities, towns, counties or colleges having jurisdiction must be submitted to the State Fire Marshal's Office for review and permitting.

Medical Marijuana customers only may submit plans for review to one of the third-party building plan review companies listed below. Once building plans have been approved by an authorized third-party, an application for a building permit, including payment as outlined in the OKSFM fee schedule, must be submitted to the Oklahoma State Fire Marshal. No plans will be accepted in our electronic plan submittal system.

Any additional related submittals (i.e., Fire Alarm, Fire Sprinkler, Access Control, CO2, etc.) must be submitted to the OKSFM for review and permitting.

All subsequent field inspections shall be performed by an Agent with the OKSFM.

Projects currently accepted and awaiting plan review by the OKSFM may be picked up in person and submitted to an authorized third-party building plan review company for review.

The Office of the Oklahoma State Fire Marshal has no control over the fees charged by the authorized third-party building plan review companies and makes no claim concerning their turnaround time.

Authorized Third-Party Building Plan Review Companies

Plan Review Submittal Requirements / Changes

Review changes to the State Statute & Administration Rules before submitting plans.

Attention: Architects, Designers, and Building Contractors

Prior to submitting your project for review, it is important you download and review the Building Plan Review presentation submittal requirements and changes.

The plan review submittal procedures have changed and are documented in the Plan Review Handbook.

Plans Processing Checklists & Application Forms

Please complete one of the application forms listed below when submitting building, storm shelter, fire sprinkler, fire suppression, and/or fire alarm plans for review.

Each application form and accompanying plans processing checklist are REQUIRED to be completed and submitted together. The plan review submittal process will be deemed incomplete and all documents will be returned WITHOUT REVIEW.

If plans are DISAPPROVED or REJECTED, you must re-apply and re-submit all documents with full payment of permit fees again for resubmittal.

  • Contractor Final Inspection Letter - REQUIRED to be completed in this format and submitted along with the Contractor Binder to the Oklahoma State Fire Marshal's Office before a Certificate of Occupancy will be issued to the project owner.

Is an architect required for your project?

Visit the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) for read-only access to the NFPA codes and standards referenced in our state's statutes and/or regulations.

Those wishing to obtain a building permit must first determine if the property where said building is scheduled to be erected is on Tribal Lands. If the property is Tribal Lands our office does not have jurisdiction. In areas that are not Tribal Lands, those wishing to obtain a building permit must determine the authority having jurisdiction in the given area of the state where said building is scheduled to be erected. A number of cities will have the authority to enforce the state adopted building codes. Those cities not having such authority fall under the jurisdiction of the State Fire Marshal and must obtain a building permit from this agency.

A certificate of occupancy will not be provided by the State Fire Marshal's Office unless the building plans were reviewed and approved by this office.

Last Modified on Jun 05, 2024
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