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Electronic Plan Reviews

The Office of the Oklahoma State Fire Marshal is dedicated to improving efficiency and reducing costs with the new implementation of an electronic plan submission and review program. Electronic Plan Review (EPR) enables the Oklahoma State Fire Marshal Plan Review Division to receive, review and return building, fire protection, engineering, and other design plans electronically. Applicants for a number of construction and life safety related permits can now apply and submit construction documents digitally. This service not only greatly reduces the consumption of paper but saves applicants time and costs associated with printing and manually delivering paper plans. The system is integrated with our new electronic document management system and electronic payment system. This allows engineers, architects, licensed fire protection contractors, owners, and others to submit plans, receive required correction comments, resubmit corrected plans, pay fees and print final permits entirely online using a customer access portal. Customers will need to set up a login and password and first-time users of the system are encouraged to follow the requirements of setting up an account and following the provided user guide.

Please be patient while we transition to this new system as this will be a learning curve for our staff as we work through the system in order to provide improved plan review services and turnaround times to customers.

Some important items to be aware of:

  1. All fees must be paid prior to the review. You will receive an invoice emailed from our office. Our office will be updating the system sometime during the year to allow online payment processing.
  2. If errors or additional requested items are required from the plan reviewer, you will be emailed from the EPR system. Failure to respond or submit revisions or corrections within 7 business days will result in disapproval. If disapproved, you will be required to start the process again to include resubmittal fees.
  3. Please read the Accela EPR Guidebook and supplemental Accela Navigation Guidebook. Failure to follow the indicated requirements will result in immediate rejection by the system.
  4. Please submit quality plans for review. The better the plans, along with completion/submittal of requested documentation, the faster the plan review process.
  5. Accela and our application process may be updated from time to time to better serve our customers. So please pay attention while working within the system.

Please read the OKSFM / Accela EPR Guidebook in its entirety.

For Accela and setting up an account, please read the Accela Account Registration Guidebook.

**All customers currently operating a commercial business in a building or facility without a Certificate of Occupancy are not allowed to submit plans electronically and must continue to submit paper plans for review unless otherwise advise by our office. Anyone attempting to circumvent this requirement will be immediately disapproved and require additional plan review fees.**

Last Modified on Apr 30, 2024
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