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State Fire Marshal Commission

Brady Bond, Chair

Represents: Association of Fire Chiefs
Contact: or 580-542-8189
Term Expires: July 1, 2026

Cary Williamson, Vice-Chair

Represents: Fire Investigators
Contact: or 580-221-2550
Term Expires: November 1, 2027

Julie Lynn, Member

Represents: Association of Career & Volunteer Firefighters
Contact: or 918-596-9444
Term Expires: July 1, 2024

Sean Douglas, Member

Represents: Association of Electrical Workers
Contact: or 918-740-3325
Term Expires: November 1, 2027

Mike Kelley, Member

Represents: Organization of Professional Firefighters
Contact: or 405-424-1452
Term Expires: November 1, 2028

Tom Palmer, Member

Represents: Governor's Office
Contact: or 918-633-0390
Term Expires: July 1, 2028

Jed Cochran, Chair

Represents: Association of Municipalities
Contact: or 202-870-8245
Term Expires: July 1, 2028

Last Modified on Apr 25, 2024