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Specialty Plates

When registering your vehicle or renewing your tags in Oklahoma, you have the option to upgrade to a License Plate that differs from the standard Oklahoma State License Plate. Service Oklahoma (N Classen) and our Licensed Operators offer a variety of Plates to choose from.

Specialty Plate Categories

Military Plates


Military plates are designed to honor and support our nation’s heroes who are serving or have served in the U.S. Military. View our selection and requirements for military plates, beginning on page 1.

Education Plates


Education plates show support for a variety of schools, sororities, and fraternities. View our selection and requirements for education plates, starting on page 12.

Tribal Plates


Tribal plates are a great way to represent your Chickasaw or Choctaw heritage. Visit our Tribal Plates page here, or view our selection and requirements for Tribal plates, starting on page 18.

Civil Service Plates

Civil Service plates show support for our local heroes who represent your civil service departments. View our selection and requirements for civil service plates, starting on page 19.

Special Interest Plates


Special Interest Plates are a great way to show your support for a variety of organizations. View our selection and requirements for Special Interest Plates, beginning on page 21.

Personalized Plates


Personalized Plates are customized License Plates. View the guidelines for Personalized Plates and check availability for special requests here. View our color selection and pricing, starting on page 35.

Customized Specialty Plates


Customized Specialty plates allow you to create a license plate for the state of Oklahoma to support your organization. For more information, download the CSLP Form by clicking here.

Physically Disabled Plates


Physically Disabled Plates provide physically disabled individuals with more permanent version of a disability placard. Click here for more information including qualifications and restrictions.

How to Start

View our Online License Plates Catalog here


Review the requirements and fees for the License Plate you wish to obtain

  • Please take note of any qualification requirements


Apply for your Specialty or Personalized plate

Note: Not all plates can be requested online.

You may also apply in person at a Licensed Operator location or at Service Oklahoma located on N Classen in Oklahoma City.


Receive your new License Plate

Please allow up to 20 business days to receive your new plate in the mail.

Specialty Plate Renewals

Personalized and Specialty Plates must be renewed annually. Your Specialty Plate will need to be consolidated with your standard issue Oklahoma License Plate, and your standard issue plate should be surrendered. Visit Service Oklahoma on N Classen in Oklahoma City or your local Licensed Operator location to consolidate your plates. You may renew your tags in person, at the same time you surrender your plate.

Beginning January 1, 2022, the registration fee required for all Specialty and Personalized License Plates and the fee for the standard issue vehicle registration shall be remitted at the same time and be subject to a single registration period pursuant to Title 47 Section 1135.1 through 1135.7 of the Oklahoma Statutes. Upon receipt of a Specialty or Personalized License Plate, the standard issue plate must be surrendered to Service Oklahoma. The Specialty or Personalized Plate issued will be the sole plate issued to the vehicle and must be displayed in the same manner as a standard issue plate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Personalized Plate: Please allow at least 12 - 16 weeks after your order for creation and shipping.

Specialty Plate: Please allow at least 4 weeks after your order for processing and shipping.

You can also utilize our Where's My Renewal tool to check the status of non-specialty plate orders.