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Children of Incarcerated Parents: Educational Toolkit

In accordance with Title 10 O.S. § 601.3, OCCY is authorized and directed to develop an educational toolkit describing services available to children of incarcerated parents.

The Children of Incarcerated Parents Toolkit provides caregivers, service providers, educators, and others access to information and state and local resources to support children and families. The toolkit includes information related to family support programs, tips for caregivers and educators, answers to questions a child or a student may have about their parent’s arrest or incarceration, adverse childhood experiences, positive youth development, and other related topics.

The toolkit was written, edited, and designed by members of OCCY’s Children of Incarcerated Parents Advisory Committee and OCCY staff, with the help of stakeholders, ranging from caregivers, parents, faith-based community members, counselors, educators, social workers, community leaders, child specialists, and others.

For more information about the toolkit, contact:

Danielle Dill
(405) 606-4902

Last Modified on Feb 08, 2024