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Comprehensive and Independent Monitoring

The Office of Juvenile System Oversight (OJSO) has the responsibility to investigate and report wrongful/unlawful conduct whether intentional or unintentional within Oklahoma’s children and youth service system, to inquire into areas of concern, and to provide independent monitoring of residential and non-residential services to children and youth.

OJSO annually inspects state-operated residential facilities and conducts complaint specific reviews at all privately operated residential facilities that have children/adolescents as residents. OJSO also investigates areas of concern within the state’s child welfare and juvenile justice systems, including concerns of health and safety of state custody children in out-of-home care.

Finally, the OJSO assesses facility/agency/program compliance with established responsibilities, contractual agreements, best practices, and the policies and procedures of each agency and facility. Because the Oklahoma Commission on Children and Youth (OCCY) and the OJSO provides no direct services, the oversight reports are independent and without conflict of interest.

Last Modified on Oct 16, 2023