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What are Post Adjudication Review Boards (PARB)?

A PARB is composed of at least five volunteers (members) who live or work within a local judicial district. The volunteer board members have a desire to help our children create a brighter future for themselves. The volunteers are appointed by the Oklahoma Commission on Children and Youth (OCCY) through the recommendation of a local judge with the juvenile court responsibility. The primary responsibility of a PARB is to be an advocate for children who live within the local PARB’s judicial district. In addition, the PARB reviews encourage interagency coordination and cooperation.

Program Overview

The Post Adjudication Review Board program is tasked to review the appropriateness of treatment goals, permanency plans, as well as services for children and families in deprived and delinquent court cases. The boards develop recommendations following each review and serve in an advisory capacity to the district court.

At least one review board is mandated in every judicial district and each board is comprised of volunteers from the community. These boards advocate for and encourage public entities to secure safe and permanent homes for each child.

The PARB program involves community volunteers in the review of confidential court cases of children and youth in the deprived and delinquent court systems. The review boards provide an unbiased oversight of each case and serve in an advisory capacity to the judges handling each case.  

Following each case, the review boards develop recommendations for the court.  The boards seek the best interests for each child and assist in ensuring children do not languish in the foster care system.

Our Goal

Children will achieve safety, stability and permanency without undue delay. They will enjoy the continuity of relationships and have the opportunity to develop their full potential.

Last Modified on Jul 24, 2023
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