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The Post Adjudication Review Board program is tasked to review the appropriateness of treatment goals, permanency plans, as well as services for children and families in deprived and delinquent court cases. The boards develop recommendations following each review and serve in an advisory capacity to the district court.

The following are linked references of the State of Oklahoma Statutes from the Oklahoma State Courts Network website.

Title 10, Chapter 51, Section 1116.2
Review Board • Membership • Qualifications Officers • Meetings • Orientation Program Compensation

Title 10, Chapter 51, Section 1116.3
Advisory Status of Review Boards Duties and Responsibilities

Title 10, Chapter 51, Section 1116.4
Disclosure of Certain Information Prohibited - Exceptions

Title 10, Chapter 51, Section 1116.6
State Post Adjudication Review Advisory Board Duties • Members

Title 10A, Chapter 9, Section 1-9-118
Written Agreement with Foster Care Placement Provider - Information Provided to Foster Parents - Supervision of Placed Children

Last Modified on Jul 24, 2023