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PARB Standardized Forms have been designed and developed over the years to help PARB members be more consistent and accurate in their work. These forms help members comply with the Oklahoma Open Meetings Act and provide standardized and well thought out recommendations to the Court. Clicking on the title of each form below will pull up the latest version of that form ready to fill out and print. The descriptions will tell you the purpose of each form.  

Download individual forms below:

PARB Guest Confidentiality Form (1)
Any guests that remain during the closed Executive Session of the PARB meeting must agree to keep the information they hear confidential and sign this confidentiality agreement form.        

PARB New Member Application Form (2)
If you are interested in becoming a PARB volunteer please complete this application and return to Keith.Pirtle @OCCY.OK.GOV. New members must pass an Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation background check and get approval from their local Juvenile Court Judge and approval from the Director of the Oklahoma Commission on Children and Youth.

PARB Reappointment Volunteer Application (2B)
PARB members whose three-year appointment has ended will use this application to apply for reappointment to their board.         

PARB Findings and Recommendation Form (3)
Please utilize this form to document/submit the PARB recommendations to the Court regarding each case reviewed. Please remember that this form is typically printed on yellow paper.
PARB Meeting Sign-In Sheet (4)
Please note that the meeting's Date, Time, and Location are italicized in red and will need to be modified to accurately reflect the Date, Time, and Location of the PARB meeting. The board may utilize this form if, the board would like to maintain documentation of the attendees at each meeting.
Local PARB Annual Meeting Notice (5)
PARB Boards must submit a list of meeting dates for the upcoming calendar year to the State PARB Program Manager and to their local County Court Clerk by December 15th of each year. Please use this form for the list of meeting dates, times, and locations.
PARB Sample Agenda (6)
Please note that the Date, Time, and Location of the meeting will need to be modified to accurately reflect the Date, Time, and Location of the PARB meeting. The agenda needs to be posted in a prominent area at the location of the meeting at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled meeting.
PARB Meeting Minutes (7)
Please utilize this form to record member attendance, cases reviewed, and the minutes of each meeting.
PARB OKDHS Checkbox Reporting Form (8)
This form has been used for several years and includes several checkboxes for the permanency worker to mark to give an update on the status of the case.
PARB Foster Parent Questionnaire (9)
The board may utilize this form to obtain information from foster parents regarding the child(ren) placed in their foster home.
PARB Tribal Questionnaire (10)
The board may utilize this form to obtain information from the tribe(s) of the child(ren) regarding placement as well as the continuity of the customs and traditions of the applicable tribe(s).
PARB Case Tracking Form (11)
This spreadsheet may be used to help track when cases have been reviewed and when they should be reviewed again.
DHS PARB Reporting Form Narrative (13)
This new form uses a narrative format for the permanency worker to give general updates on the case in certain key areas of the child’s life such as health and school.
OKDHS Court Report Form (14)
This form is created by the OKDHS Permanency worker a few days before the child’s court hearing and submitted to the Court.  By getting a copy of this form to review the case, PARB members are insured that they are getting the most complete report while not asking workers to do additional work.  Access and timing are critical to obtaining this completed document.
PARB Document Control Pledge (15)
This document reinforces the confidentiality agreement signed during the application and includes a process for taking confidential records away from the Courthouse.  This form must be fully completed, and signed by the member and presiding Juvenile Court Judge before any confidential information can leave the courthouse.
PARB Case Review Checklist (16)
This checklist may be utilized by members when conducting court case reviews.

Last Modified on Jul 24, 2023