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Since PARB was created in the 1980s, thousands of volunteers have taken up the call to support, protect and monitor the juvenile justice system by serving on a Post Adjudication Review Board.  Now in its 41st year, PARB would like to take a moment to highlight a few of these champions that clearly stand out as legends or hall of famers in the PARB world.

Jay Scott Brown

The late Commissioner Brown was appointed to the State Post Adjudication Review Advisory Board in 1992 by Governor Walters and served for 27 years until his resignation in 2019.  For several years he served as chair of the State PARB and as PARB’s Representative to the Commission.  Jay Scott Brown passed away on January 29, 2022.  It was a sad day for his family, OCCY staff, countless child advocates, and whether they knew it or not, the children and families across Oklahoma.  The PARB Hall of Fame award was created with Jay Scott Brown in mind.

Inducted: April 5, 2023

Pat Lowry

Pat Lowry served PARB for decades on both the volunteer and staff side.  She began her relationship with PARB in 1982 as a volunteer for Oklahoma County and then became the State PARB Coordinator from 1992 to 1999 but went on to serve Oklahoma County PARB for another 22 years. 

Inducted: April 5, 2023

Shirley Rowland

Shirley graduated from Southwestern Oklahoma State University and spent 30 years working with children.  She is a former foster parent and joined the Jackson County PARB in 2012.  She became the chair in 2016 and served in that role until 2023.

Inducted: April 5, 2023

Sandra Brown

Sandra served the Juvenile Court System through PARB for 30 years.  She joined the Lincoln County Post Adjudication Review Board in 1991 and became chair in 2000. She was appointed to the State Post Adjudication Review Advisory Board in 2002 before retiring from the Board in 2021. 

Inducted: April 5, 2023

Susan Johnson

Susan Johnson started her service on the Wagoner County PARB in 1992.  She retired from PARB in 2022 after 30 years of service. Susan loved being the Chair for Wagoner County.  Her board was one of the few that also reviewed delinquent cases.

Inducted: April 5, 2023

Tricia Gardner

Tricia is a lifelong child advocate, child welfare professional, and PARB Chair.  She is an Associate Professor at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center in the Department of Pediatrics and a licensed attorney.  Tricia has served as the chair of the Oklahoma County PARB #2 since 1992.

Inducted: April 5, 2023

Last Modified on Jul 24, 2023
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