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Statutes and Rules: Open Record Act

Open Records Act [in citation order]

51 O.S. §24A.1 Official Title of Open Records Act

51 O.S. §24A.2 Public Policy and Purpose of Act

51 O.S. §24A.3 Definitions

51 O.S. §24A.4 Funds, Complete Records of Receipt and Expenditure of

51 O.S. §24A.5 Open and Confidential Records

51 O.S. §24A.6 Notice, Written, of Business Hours of Public Bodies – Inspection, Copying, or Reproduction

51 O.S. §24A.7 Personnel Records of Public Body

51 O.S. §24A.8 Law Enforcement Agency Records Available for Public Inspection

51 O.S. §24A.9 Personal Notes and Personally Created Materials of Public Official

51 O.S. §24A.10 Disclosure of Information Voluntarily Supplied

51 O.S. §24A.10a Market Research and Marketing Plans

51 O.S. §24A.11 Library, Archive, or Museum Materials

51 O.S. §24A.12 Litigation Files and Investigatory Reports

51 O.S. §24A.13 Federal Records

51 O.S. §24A.14 Personal Communications Exercising Constitutional Rights

51 O.S. §24A.15 Agriculture – Confidential Crop and Livestock Reports Provided by Farmers, Ranchers, and Agribusinesses

51 O.S. §24A.16 Educational Institutions, Public – Statistical and Directory Information

51 O.S. §24A.16a Education, Higher – Donors and Prospective Donors

51 O.S. §24A.17 Violations of Oklahoma Open Records Act – Civil Liability

51 O.S. §24A.18 Additional Recordkeeping Requirements on Public Bodies or Public Officials not Imposed

51 O.S. §24A.19 Research Information

51 O.S. §24A.20 Access to Records in Possession of Public Body or Official for Investigatory Purposes

51 O.S. §24A.21 Fees Charged State Agency or Taxing Entity

51 O.S. §24A.22 Utility Records, Public

51 O.S. §24A.23 Wildlife Conservation Department – Personal Identifiers in Information Provided to Department

51 O.S. §24A.24 Juvenile System Oversight, Investigatory Records and Notes of Office of

51 O.S. §24A.25 Removal of Materials from the Public Record

51 O.S. §24A.26 Intergovernmental Self-Insurance Pools

51 O.S. §24A.27 Vulnerability Assessments

51 O.S. §24A.28 Terrorism

51 O.S. §24A.29 Court Orders – Protective Orders for Pleadings, Other Court Records

Last Modified on Jul 07, 2022