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Tillman County Health Department

District 5 - Southwest

Welcome to the Tillman County Health Department.

We hope that you use the information on this site to promote your personal health, the health of your family and the health of our community.

Our MISSION is: To protect and promote health, to prevent disease and injury and to cultivate conditions by which Oklahomans can thrive.

Our VISION is: Leading Oklahoma to prosperity through health.

Our VALUES are: Service | Collaboration | Respect | Accountability

The Health Department services vary as to days, times, eligibility, and fees, if any. The Health Department is an equal opportunity provider.

Office Hours

Office Hours:
Monday through Friday
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
(Closed at noon for lunch, weekends and State Holidays)

Regional Director  
Brandie Combs, MPH 
Phone: (580) 682-9017

Regional Nurse Manager 
Janene Atchley 
Phone: (580) 585-0402

Quadrant Sanitarians 
Dan Brown, 
Phone: (580) 248-5890 
Chad Newton, 
Phone: (580) 309-0311

Consumer Health Service Supervisor
Brady Roach 
Phone: (580) 585-6631

Administrative Programs Officer 
Danette Rivas 
Phone: (580) 335-2163

Business Manager
Brittany Forster
Phone: (580) 482-7308

Community Engagement & Health Planning Manager
Melissa Simms
Phone: (580) 480-5993

Local Emergency Response Coordinator
Rebecca Villa-Winsett
Phone: (580) 726-3316

Members Appointed By Term Began Term Expires Residence
Kendra Stacey County Commissioners 5/9/2022 Indefinite  Frederick
Phillip Ratcliff District Judge 9/25/1994 6/30/2026 Davidson
Mary Hasenmyer  Commissioner of Health 4/16/2003 6/30/2024 Grandfield
Merle Hollandsworth Commissioner of Health 8/10/2000 6/30/2025  Frederick

Medical Director: Dr. Mefford

Tillman County Board of Health members will be actively involved in working with the health department to identify the public health problems of our county and lead community efforts to solve them.  The Tillman County Board of Health consists of five (5) members, appointed as follows:

  • 2-Appointed by State Commissioner of Health

  • 1 Appointed by District Court Judge-must hold School Administrators Certificate

  • 1 Appointed by Board of County Commissioners must be MD, DO, DDS, OD, or RN

  • 1 Appointed by Board of Commissioners. May be a member of the Board of Commissioners

Oklahoma State Board of Health

Contact Information

Contact Information 

Tillman County Health Department 
1500 N Main Street 
Frederick, OK 73542 
Phone: (580) 335-2163 
Fax: (580) 335-2165

Office Hours 
Monday through Friday   
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.   
(Closed at noon for lunch, weekends and State Holidays)