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How to Apply for a Hearing Aid Dealer and Fitter License

Basic Requirements for Hearing Aid Dealer and Fitter License

  1. Is at least eighteen (18) years of age;
  2. Is of good moral character. A criminal record shall not in itself bar an applicant from licensing, but evidence of such record may be considered along with other information, in determining whether or not the applicant is of good moral character.
  3. Has an education equivalent to a four-year course in an accredited high school

License Applications Must Submit the Following:

  1. Completed Application for Hearing Aid Dealer and Fitter License
  2. Completed Affidavit of Lawful Presence
  3. Application Fee + Exam Fee* (if selecting Oklahoma Written Exam option)

*If ILE option is selected, exam fee will be paid directly to International Hearing Society.

All applicants must complete the practical exam, which consists of the following:

  1. Oklahoma Audiometric Practical examination
  2. Oklahoma Hearing Aid Rules examination
  3. Oklahoma Ear Impression Practical examination
  4. Hearing Aid Trouble-shooting Practical examination

The practical exams are offered every three months at the Oklahoma State Department of Health central office in Oklahoma City.

Once we receive your completed application and confirm your eligibility you will receive a letter containing your schedule for the next practical exam date and instructions for taking whichever written test you've chosen. 

All applicants must also pass one of two written exam options:

  1. International Hearing Society's International Licensing Examination (ILE) - A written competency examination meant to serve as a national standard that is accepted in many jurisdictions. The ILE is administered by IHS, a private organization, in coordination with the state. The ILE has a higher fee than the Oklahoma written exam, but may be accepted by other states if a licensee wishes to apply for reciprocity in the future. If an applicant chooses to take the ILE, after submitting their application to the State of Oklahoma they will be contacted directly by IHS with instructions on how to proceed with the exam. 
  2. Oklahoma Written Examination - A written competency examination developed by and for the State of Oklahoma specifically and administered by the state through CareerTech. If an applicant chooses this option they will receive a letter from Consumer Health Service with instructions on how to schedule their exam.

Oklahoma offers Hearing Aid Dealer and Fitter licenses through reciprocity with other states. Applicants for reciprocity must meet the basic requirements listed above and submit the following:

  1. Application for Hearing Aid Dealer and Fitter License
  2. Affidavit of Lawful Presence
  3. Out-of-State Verification
  4. $145 fee. ($50 application fee + $95 testing fee)

O.A.C. 310:265-5-2 states: "Whenever the Commissioner determines another state or jurisdiction has requirements equivalent to or higher than those in effect pursuant to these regulations excluding trouble-shooting and Oklahoma regulations, and that such state or jurisdiction has a program equivalent to or stricter than the program for determining whether applicants pursuant to these regulations are qualified to dispense and fit hearing aids, the Commissioner may issue a license to applicants who hold current, unsuspended and unrevoked certificates or licenses to fit and sell hearing aids in such other state or jurisdiction.

and: "Applicants [for reciprocity] must register with the Department and pass the Oklahoma Hearing Aid Rules examination and Hearing Aid Trouble Shooting Practical Examination."

Therefore all applicants for reciprocity must hold a current license in good standing in another state or jurisdiction. Upon receiving an application for reciprocity, OSDH will evaluate that jurisdiction's licensing requirements to determine if and how they compare to Oklahoma's. Any portions of the practical exams not required by that jurisdiction will have to be taken in Oklahoma. If the applicant has not taken and passed the ILE already, the applicant will also have to take their choice of one of the two written exam options in Oklahoma. 

If the applicant for reciprocity requires only the "trouble-shooting" and "rules" sections of the Oklahoma practical exams, these two sections can be specially scheduled most weekdays by contacting OSDH.

Any applicant who needs to retake a portion of the exams (written or practical) must submit a re-exam application along with the relevant fee.

O.A.C. 310:265-3-1(e) states: "No person may take any portion of the examination more than three (3) times and must wait at least seven days before retaking a portion of any examination. Any person failing any section of the examination three times shall not be allowed to apply for an Oklahoma Hearing Aid Dealers and Fitters License for one (1) year from their last testing date. If a person fails any portion of the examination three (3) times, the Department shall summarily suspend and seek permanent revocation of the person's current temporary hearing aid dealers and fitters permit."

Contact Information

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