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Strong Families Make Strong Communities - National Family Week Nov. 22-29

Friday, November 13, 2015
During Thanksgiving week, Oklahomans will join thousands of people and organizations across the United States to celebrate National Family Week (NFW) November 22-29.
National Family Week embraces the premise that children live better lives when their families are strong, and families are strong when they live in communities that connect them to economic opportunities, social networks, and services. These “connections,” celebrated during NFW, include access to reliable transportation, employment opportunities, education, childcare, housing, health care, and support from community networks and institutions.
The Alliance for Children and Families, a national, nonprofit membership association representing child-and family-serving organizations in the United States and Canada, has directed the NFW efforts for more than 40 years.
The items below are ideas for participating in NFW by thanking the organizations and individuals that strengthen families every day:
  • The employer that has created family-friendly work options, such as flexible hours and time off to attend school functions
  • The community leader who redirects policies and resources to benefit families
  • The placement center that connects parents to jobs
  • The neighborhood organization that bonds families to community
  • The items below are ideas for celebrating NFW:
  • Celebrate the connections you have with your family and community
  • Organize a community forum
  • Meet and get to know your neighbors
  • Volunteer with a nonprofit organization on projects that benefit the community
  • Connections count when it comes to building, enhancing, and extending efforts to support and strengthen families and communities. National Family Week is an excellent time to honor your own family as well as those that work to strengthen all of the families around us.
    For more information about the history and origins of National Family Week visit For more information on child abuse prevention, visit or or you can also contact OSDH CBCAP Grant Coordinator Sherie Trice at 405-271-7611.
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