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Family Planning

birth pillsThe Oklahoma Family Planning Program is devoted to providing family planning services to males and females of reproductive age.

Harper County Health Department’s Family Planning services are provided by a Registered Nurse


Services for females include:
- physical examination, including height, weight, and blood pressure
- Cervical Dysplasia follow-up and referral
- pap smears and breast exams
- breast exams and instructions on self breast exams
- screening, testing, and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases and HIV
- birth control
- pregnancy diagnosis
- counseling and referrals.

Services for males include:

- physical examination,including height, weight, and blood pressure
- testicular exam and instructions in testicular self-exams
- screening, testing, and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases and HIV
- education and counseling on methods to prevent pregnancy 
- counseling and referrals.

Family planning education/counseling is provided on the following topics:

  • methods of birth control
  • tubal ligation
  • pregnancy testing
  • follow up on method of birth control.

The Oklahoma Family Planning Program provides services without regard to religion, race, color, national origin, creed, disability, sex, or the ability to pay.  

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can teenagers come to the Health Department without their parents to get birth control?
A: Yes. We encourage you discuss this with your parents, but all our services are completely confidential.

Q: Why can't I make appointments for my teenager?
A: Due to confidentiality, we cannot release any information regarding our clients without their consent, including whether or not they receive services.

Q: Is there a charge for services?
A: There is a sliding scale for services based on household income. If you have questions, please contact the office directly.

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