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Children First Program

Pregnant MotherThe Children First Program can teach you the things you need to know about being pregnant. Also, it teaches you the skills you need to be a good parent. This program is community-based and offers public health nurse home visitation to families who are expecting their first child. The program is voluntary and does not replace your health care provider or family doctor.

The Children First Program works to keep you and your family healthy. Specially trained public health nurses are there to answer your questions about changes taking place in you and your baby.  Some benefits from joining the program are improved:

  • mother's health
  • child health
  • child development
  • bonding between parent and child
  • mother's ability to reach personal goals
  • use of community resources

Personal Care

Home visits are a key part of the Children First Program. Nurses give personal care to you and your baby during your pregnancy and the first two years of the child's life. Activities provided by nurses try to involve everyone in raising the baby.

The nurses focus on:

  • personal health
  • environmental health
  • adult living skills
  • parenting skills

Home Visit Schedule:

  • weekly visits during the first month
  • every other week visits until delivery
  • weekly visits during first six weeks after delivery
  • every other week visits until 21st month of childhood
  • monthly visits until the child reaches age 2


Enrolled families receive the services listed below at no cost:

  • child growth evaluations
  • parenting education
  • nutrition education
  • health and safety information
  • access to other services for health, mental health, child care, and job training

Why You Should Enroll:

The Children First program wants every mother-to-be to receive early, ongoing prenatal care. Our nurses work hard to involve fathers, grandparents, friends and others in the parenting process. By working together, we can improve the quality of life for you and your baby.

Who Can Enroll?

  • pregnant women less than 28 weeks pregnant
  • families expecting their first child, and
  • families with little financial or social support

For more information or to enroll, please contact the Hughes County Health Department at (405) 379-3313.

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