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Student Driver

(No License)

If you are not old enough to receive a Learner Permit (15 1/2), you may still have the opportunity for certain driving privileges at the age of 15 if you are driving with a certified driving instructor.

Driving Privileges

You can drive only while accompanied by and receiving instruction from either of the following:

A Certified Driver Education Instructor

This includes certified private, parochial, or other non-public secondary school instructors.

Public School Instructor


You must be at least 15 years old

You must be enrolled in a state-certified Driver Education course

Plan Ahead

Find a Driver Education course through a state-certified commercial driving school


No. While we encourage applicants to start taking Driver's Education as early as 15 years old (either parent-taught, from a public school, or from a commercial driving school), you will only be able to drive while receiving instruction from, and accompanied by, a certified driver education instructor. Parents do not qualify as certified driver education instructors during the pre-permit stage.

Explore the Learner Permit application instructions, which include Driver Education, so that you can apply when you are 15 1/2 years old


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