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Out-of-State Transfers

Commercial Driver License

If you have moved from another State to Oklahoma,
you will have to transfer your CDL license to an Oklahoma CDL.


Have a valid CDL from your previous state

If you have an expired CDL, you can apply for a new Oklahoma CDL.


Prepare and bring the following to your appointment:

  • Primary ID (Other than your Commercial Driver License) - Find the list of acceptable primary identification documents here.
  • Social Security number - Physical card is not required.
  • Proof of Oklahoma residency — View the list of all acceptable residency documents
    • or 2 valid Proofs of Oklahoma residency — Required for REAL ID
  • Current valid CDL from your previous state
  • A valid Medical Examiner’s Certificate (DOT medical card), if you plan to operate in non-excepted interstate commerce (i.e. leaving Oklahoma with CDL vehicles)


Hazardous Materials endorsements are not transferred with your license. You will be required to take the written test on Hazardous Materials to receive the endorsement in Oklahoma. See Endorsements.

Visit a Service Oklahoma Licensing Office

Visit a License Office Location where you will take a vision test. 


After Your Visit

A temporary license will be printed for you at the test site. The official CDL with the added endorsement will be mailed to you within 10-21 days of successfully passing your written test.


4-Year Credential Option

  • Class A: $81.50
  • Class B: $71.50
  • Class C: $61.50

8-Year Credential Option

  • Class A: $138.00
  • Class B: $128.00
  • Class C: $108.00

Frequently Asked Questions

You are required to hold a Medical Examiner Certificate (DOT Medical Card) if you operate, and have self-certified as, Non-Exempted Interstate commerce (NI). If you are not sure what your self-certification status is, you can learn more about them here.  

No a drive test will not be required to transfer an out-of-state CDL unless it is expired. If you are wanting to transfer a hazardous materials endorsement from another state, you will have to take the written test on Hazardous Materials to transfer that endorsement from another state. You can schedule an appointment here.