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Emergency Mitigation Services

The Emergency Mitigation Services Registry is a resource to quickly locate a qualified company to remedy emergencies such water and fire damage cleanup, or other emergency losses typically associated with property damage (i.e. insurance claims).

The companies on the registry offer 24-hour per day response, 7 days per week. The registry is a non-mandatory service available to authorized public agencies, such as state agencies, counties, cities, towns, school districts and other political subdivisions of the state. 

The intent is to provide an immediate resource for emergency services which prevents further property damage, thereby decreasing costs of property insurance claims. 

There is no charge by CAP for these services since they are, by definition, emergencies.

Within 10 days of an emergency, please submit your emergency declaration to the director of construction, planning, and real estate services via email to .

For state agencies and universities: Should the damages appear to be extensive enough to exceed your agency selected property deductible, please contact Risk Management within 7 days to file a property claim.  Simply call 405-521-4999 or follow this link to submit a claim.

Contact Information

Darren Garvin
Construction Services and Property Claims Manager
Phone: 405-651-2074


Last Modified on Dec 15, 2022
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