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In Our Golden Era - WIC Nutrition Conference

July 24-26, 2024

About the Conference

In celebration of WIC’s 50th birthday, OSDH WIC will be hosting a “In Our Golden Era” WIC Conference. This 3-day event will be held July 24-26th, 2024, at the NCED Training Center in Norman. The conference will kick-off at noon on Wednesday, July 24th and end at noon on Friday, July 26th to allow for travel time.

This training will be packed with award-winning speakers, WIC celebrities, a star-studded birthday party, glamourous outfits and some Golden Globe Awards!

Sessions will focus on topics such as: motivational interviewing, customer service, taking ownership of your role, gut health, mental health, baby behavior and much more! All three days are relevant for all WIC staff, including nutritionists, nurses, clerical and peer counselors.

Conference Attire

  • Day 1: Rolling Out the Red Carpet
    • Show your LOVE for the WIC program by dressing in your favorite RED attire.
  • Day 2: Going for the Gold
    • We will wear our team colors and support our team as we compete for the GOLDEN GLOBE! Have fun! Be creative! If your district/agency doesn't have a team, feel free to support another team, wear a WIC shirt or whatever makes you feel golden! View team logos and names
  • Day 3: The WIC Golden Globes
    • It’s our time to SHINE! Celebrate WIC’s 50th birthday by wearing something fun and fancy: gold, sequins, black-tie, party attire.

Student Social Media Contest

Conference Accommodations


  • The designated hotel for the OSDH WIC Nutrition Conference is the NCED Conference Center & Hotel. WIC will cover travel expenses for OSDH staff members who provide WIC services. Other arrangements should be made for reimbursement for travel expenses for staff who do not provide WIC services and/or are not OSDH employees. Lodging for OSDH WIC employees that qualify to stay overnight will be paid for via direct bill. An OSDH WIC employee is eligible for overnight travel status when the destination/object of travel is over 60 miles away from their duty station. If you qualify for lodging with OSDH WIC, check “yes” on the registration form. OU CPM will add you to the reservation list, then 1-2 weeks prior to the event you will receive confirmation numbers from OU CPM staff.
  • Non-WIC/Non-OSDH WIC staff should refer to your employer/supervisor for specific travel guidelines. NCED will offer a conference rate of $107 plus taxes & fees, you can reserve your room via this link:
  • Additional travel details and conference information can be found on the WIC Training Link at OSDH-WICTrainingLink - Home ( under “Special Meetings”.


  • The NCED Conference Center offers lunch each day for $20. They offer a weekly themed menu with classic selections including a pizzeria, baked potato, salads, made-to-order sandwiches, open grill, healthy options, and assorted homemade desserts. There are also restaurants in the area you can visit during the lunch break.
  • WIC will provide an afternoon snack on days 1 & 2, and a morning snack on days 2 & 3.
  • The hotel does not include continental breakfast for guests but does offer a buffet breakfast for $16. This buffet includes traditional continental breakfast items, an omelet bar, and either pancakes or French toast.