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Newborn Screening

Newborn screening is a state public health program that reaches nearly 4 million babies born in the United States each year. The Oklahoma Newborn Screening Program is a three-part system consisting of the blood spot screen, the hearing screen, and the pulse oximetry screen.

These screenings are completed prior to discharge from a hospital or birthing facility. It ensures that all babies are screened for certain rare, but serious health conditions at birth. For babies identified with a health condition, early detection allows providers to start treatment before the baby becomes symptomatic and harmful effects happen.

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  • Short-term follow-up case management services are provided through the Newborn Screening Program offering support and guidance to healthcare providers and families regarding follow-up recommendations for all children who have an out of range newborn screen result.
  • Short-term follow-up case management continues until either the child is diagnosed with a condition or determined to not be affected by the condition.
  • If a child is diagnosed they are transitioned to long-term follow-up services offering support and resources through the Newborn Screening Program.

Eligibility Guidelines:

  • Every baby born in Oklahoma is required to have all 3 newborn screens (blood spot, hearing, and pulse oximetry or CCHD) performed shortly after birth. 

Newborn Screening Forms

Contact Information:

Mailing Address:
Oklahoma State Department of Health
Newborn Screening Program
123 Robert S. Kerr Ave., Suite 1702
Oklahoma City, OK 73102-6406

Phone: (405) 426-8220 
Fax: (405) 900-7556
Toll free: (800) 766-2223