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Children First

Raising a child can be a challenging task, full of questions for new Moms. How often should I feed my baby? How much should my baby weigh? How can I be a better caregiver? These are just some of the concerns families may have.

One resource in the community that is available to help first time parents adjust to the new presence in the household is the Children First Program. The Children First Program encourages early and continuous prenatal care, personal development, and the involvement of fathers, grandparents and other supporting persons in parenting.

What is the Children First Program? 

The Children First program is a voluntary program for first-time moms. A caring specially trained registered public health nurse will visit you in your home throughout your pregnancy and up until your baby is 2 years old- at no charge to you. At the home visit the registered nurse will provide education on pregnancy, labor and delivery, and parenting skills such as feeding, bathing, and toilet training.

Those enrolled in the Children First Program receive the following services at no cost for eligible clients:

  • Brief nursing health assessments
  • Child growth and development evaluations
  • Nutrition education
  • Parenting and relationship information
  • Links to other services such as child care, education and job training
  • Visits begin before the 29th week of pregnancy and continue until the child's second birthday (the visit schedule can be tailored to meet the needs of the mother).

These services are not intended to replace services provided by health care providers or family doctors. Nurses work collaboratively with other providers to help meet the needs of mother and child.



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Enrollment Criteria

Who can enroll in the Children First Program?

  • Women less than 29 weeks pregnant
  • Families expecting their first child
  • Families who meet income eligibility criteria
  • First-time pregnant women currently enrolled in WIC or Sooner Care (Oklahoma Medicaid) who meet eligibility criteria

Important Information

Public Health Nurses provide home visitation services during pregnancy and the first two years of the child's life using the following schedule:

  • Weekly visits during the first month
  • Biweekly visits until delivery
  • Weekly visits during the first six weeks after delivery
  • Every other week (biweekly) visits until the 21st month of childhood
  • Monthly visits until the child reaches age two

For more information or to enroll, contact:

Contact a regional representative (580)233-0650 ext. 150


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