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Early Intervention Services are provided at no charge (regardless of income) for eligible children, 0 to 3 years of age, and their families. 

SoonerStart is provided in partnership with the Oklahoma Department of Education. For more information on the program, please see the Oklahoma Department of Education - Soonerstart Families page. 

More information

Enrollment Criteria

Any child, birth to age three, with a syndrome or an automatically qualifying diagnosis or two 25% or one 50% delay determined by developmental testing.

How To Make a Referral

If you have any concerns about how your infant or toddler is developing, please call the Payne County Health Department office at (405) 624-0726.


Developmental testing available for the following areas:

  • Personal/social
  • Self-help
  • Gross motor
  • Fine motor
  • Receptive language
  • Expressive language
  • Cognitive
  • Hearing
  • Vision
  • Assess risk for autism (click here for more information)

Intervention services may include:

  • Parent education and child development
  • Speech/language therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Resource coordination


All services are provided at no charge regardless of income or insurance.


Services are provided by appointment, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Intervention visits are arranged to meet the family's needs and schedule.


Specialists in above listed areas are available to provide services depending on family and child's needs.

For information in the Kay, Noble, Pawnee and Payne service area, please call:

  • (405) 624-0726
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