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Muskogee County Health Department

Welcome to the Muskogee County Health Department. The mission of public health is to protect and promote the health of our citizens. The health department works to prevent disease, promote health, and protect our community by providing education on healthy behaviors, injury prevention, protecting the food we eat, and assisting in improving access to care.  

Whether or not you have utilized the direct services provided by our staff, the Muskogee County Health Department provides indirect protection every day for each person that lives, works, and plays in our community. Whether we are inspecting restaurants, providing infant immunizations or investigating disease outbreaks, we are committed to our mission of protecting and promoting the health of all citizens in Muskogee County. Our staff are licensed or certified within their profession, thus ensuring the quality of care you receive to be safe and appropriate. 

Services provided at Muskogee County Health Department vary as to days, times, eligibility, and fees, if any. 

Servicios en Espanol

Interprete en Espanol estan disponibles para todos los servicios. Si necesita interprete por favor de contactar (918) 683-0321 or De Gratis (877) 596-1596.

Muskogee County Health Department is an equal opportunity provider.

Contact Information:
530 S. 34th Street
Muskogee, OK  74401
Phone: (918) 683-0321
Toll Free Phone: (877) 596-1596
Fax: (918) 683-8053

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