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Welcome to the McClain County Health Department

Our MISSION is "To protect and to promote health, to prevent disease and injury, and to cultivate conditions by which Oklahomans can be healthy. 

Our VISION is "Creating a State of Health." 


Leadership: To provide vision and purpose in public health through knowledge, inspiration and dedication and serve as the leading authority on prevention, preparedness and health policy.

Integrity: To steadfastly fulfill our obligations, maintain public trust, and exemplify excellence and ethical conduct in our work, services, processes, and operations.

Community: To respect the importance, diversity, and contribution of individuals and community partners.

Service: To demonstrate a commitment to public health through compassionate actions and stewardship of time, resources, and talents.

Accountability: To competently improve the public's health on the basis of sound scientific evidence and responsible research.

If you are planning to visit us for any of our services, you can trust we will be wearing masks to protect the health of our clients and staff. Please be aware, clients are required to wear a mask or proper face covering during appointments, including curbside visits for COVID-19 testing.

We are located at:

Blanchard Location                                                                                                                       600 North Main St. 
Blanchard, OK 73010 
Phone (405) 485-3319 
Fax (405) 485-9713
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Purcell Location

919 North 9th St. 
Purcell, OK 73080 
Phone (405) 527-6541 
Fax (405) 527-4775
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McClain County Health Department Blanchard Office

Hours of Operation

Services are offered between the hours of 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 

Purcell – Open Monday and Wednesday

Blanchard – Open Tuesday and Thursday

Sites will alternate being open on Fridays. The Purcell office will be open July 24th, 2020 and every other Friday after. The Blanchard office will be open July 31, 2020 and every other Friday after.

Interprete en Espanol estan disponibles para todos los servicios.  Si necesita interprete por favor de contactar (405) 485-3319 or (405) 527-6541.

Special Announcements

What is Baby Mobile?

"Qu es Baby Mobile?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Want to learn more about the Enterovirus
A: Visit our resources page to download more information.

Interesting Facts
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