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SoonerStart Early Intervention

Our early intervention services are provided for eligible children (newborn-3 years of age) and their families.  Children are determined eligible with an automatically qualifying condition or syndrome (for example: Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and etc.) or through developmental testing. A developmental evaluation includes the following areas:
-Gross/Fine motor
-Receptive/ Expressive Language

Intervention services may include:
-Parent education
-Speech/Language therapy
-Physical therapy
-Occupational therapy
-Social work

-Child Development Services
-Vision Consultant
-Deaf and Hard of Hearing Consultant
-Resource Coordinator Services

Services are offered at no charge to families. Services are provided where the child typically spends time such as home or child care but families are welcome to come to the county health department also. 

For more information or to make a referral call LeFlore County Health Department at (918) 647-8601 and ask for SoonerStart or call OASIS at (800) 426-2747.

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