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Oklahoma Health Improvement Plan – 2020

The Oklahoma Health Improvement Plan (OHIP) was developed by health leaders, representatives of business, labor, tribes, academia, non-profit health organizations, state and local governments, professional organizations and private citizens.   It has been five years since we responded to a call for action to improve the health of Oklahomans through development of the Oklahoma Health Improvement Plan.   Since we issued the report in 2010, we have seen major gains in critical health outcomes.   Some examples include:

  • Reduction in the percent of public high school students who are obese
  • Reduction in the infant mortality rate
  • Increase in the number of school districts working to create a healthy environment that incorporates nutritious food and time for physical activity
  • Reduction in tobacco use among adults and adolescents
  • Increase in the number of schools that are tobacco free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Yet, there is still room for improvement. Many Oklahomans continue to be obese. A large percentage of pregnant women do not receive prenatal care and many babies are born with low birth weight, especially among African-American people. Too many youth begin smoking or using tobacco products every year. Some Oklahomans don’t have the same access to quality health services as others. We must create and assure conditions where the healthy choice is the easy choice to address the health challenges we face in our state and meet the goals of Healthy Oklahoma 2020.

This plan focuses our efforts on making improvements in key strategic areas and creating a culture of health. Making improvements in these flagship issues will have the greatest impact on the health of Oklahomans now and for future generations.   Link for Oklahoma Health Improvement Plan and Report

Oklahoma State Department of Health has many links specifically for Data and Statistics.  OSDH Data and Statistics and Community Epidemiology.


Many national sites compare rankings among states - some are listed below:


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