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Preparing for Your Baby's Safety

There is a lot to do to get ready for the arrival of a new baby. Being well-prepared 2-3 months before the baby is born will help calm nervous feelings and make the arrival more enjoyable. Here are tips to help ensure baby’s safety in places where she will spend her most time.


• Do not use a drop-side crib
• Have firm mattress that fits close to crib sides
• Be sure crib slats/bars are not farther apart than 2 3/8 inches
• Have no bumper pads, pillows, toys, or loose blankets.


• Have firm, thin mattress with no space between it and the sides
• Be sure sides are high enough so baby cannot fall out
• Be sure bassinet is stable and cannot be knocked over
• Use a cradle that cannot swing high enough to overturn 

Change and Dress Baby 

• Change or dress baby on table, crib or floor
• Be sure surface is firm and uncluttered
• Be sure surface is stable and non-slippery

Bathing Baby

• Bathe baby in baby tub, tub placed in big tub or regular bathtub
• Be sure surface is non-slippery
• Set water heater no hotter than 120°
• Don’t use baby bath seat because it can tip over easily

Playpen/Pack' n Play

• If it has slats, be sure they are no wider than 2 3/8 inches apart
• If it has netting, be sure it is tightly woven
• Be sure the sides are sturdy and cannot collapse
• Have a firm cushion with no bumper pads 

Infant Car Seat

• Use seat approved by a federal agency
• Know the history of a used seat. It cannot have been in a crash
• Install facing rear at a 45 degree angle
• Install in the back seat of the vehicle
• Check directions carefully to install correctly or have seat installed by Certified Child Restraint System person

Infant Carrier – Cannot use as car seat

• Carrier should be plastic with cushioned lining
• Baby should be belted in
• Use only for infants 1-6 weeks because it tips easily when baby moves
• Seat cannot be used on shopping cart unless belted/attached

Safety - Environment 

• Make a no-smoking or vaping in the house rule.
• Rest and eat a healthy diet
• Maintain strength for delivery and when baby comes home
• Keep floors and stairs clear and in good condition
• Maintain home temperature at around 70 degrees

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