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Careers and Pathways to Licensing

Apprentices are the entry level on-the-job training positions - 

  • Apprentice registration assists in obtaining a license.

  • Employment by a licensed Contractor allows the Apprentice to earn a salary while learning hands-on by performing the licensed trade work in the field under direct supervision.

  • To obtain licensing as a Plumbing, Electrical or Mechanical Journeyman, a certain amount of verifiable experience as a registered Apprentice with the CIB is required, unless lawfully exempted such as qualifying military experience.

  • Anyone wishing to learn or perform licensed trade work can apply for Apprentice registration in the Plumbing, Electrical and Mechanical trades.

  • To register: simply submit a completed application, along with verification of enrollment in an approved school/training course or a statement of employment by a licensed Contractor who employs the Apprentice, and follow the instructions as provided on the application: Plumbing, Electrical, and Mechanical

  • Anyone performing licensed trade work must be licensed, or a registered Apprentice working under the direct supervision of one who is licensed.

  • Apprentice registration with the CIB encourages the health and safety of the Apprentice, the Apprentice’s co-workers and other workers on the job site, the employer, the property owner, and the public by requiring direct on-the-job supervision by the licensed Contractor or their licensed Journeyman.

Education through enrollment in a CIB approved school, training course, or program generally provides classroom education and may or may not include field hands-on work. Current education programs that have been approved by the appropriate trade committee include schools such as various technology centers under the Department of Career Technology and Education, the Associated Builders and Contractors association, the Independent Electrical Contractors association, and others.   

  • Education in CIB approved school, training course, or program can count towards the Journeyman experience requirement.

  • If a student is only attending classes and is not performing on-the-job hands-on work in the field, registration with the CIB would not be required and proof of education in a CIB approved school/training program can be submitted at time of application to sit for the Journeyman examination.

  • Mechanical trade approved schoolsPlumbing trade approved schoolsElectrical trade approved schools.

Last Modified on Apr 18, 2024
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